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Airyen Vay is a native of Botosani, Romania, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. As an aspiring young pop/R&B artist, she has already begun to make a name for herself with hit singles like “SAY” (2019) and “Love Me Like You’re High” (2021).

To date, each of her projects has displayed a talented young artist with a unique inner voice that is distinctly edgy, powerful, bold, and authentic. Even more impressive is that Airyen Vay is never afraid to use her music to speak to pressing world issues and themes of love, equality, and inner peace.

Airyen Vay is a rising music star with a powerful and emotional new single, “Breathe” along with an official music video to accompany its release! 


In her forthcoming video for her self-penned anthem “BreatheAiryen is encouraging the youth of the world to make their voices heard. The singer delivers a stirring vocal performance that is sure to resonate with all listeners who currently feel trapped by the expectations and beliefs of those around them.

To help illustrate Airyen`s vision and this gripping message, movie star Maia Morgenstern makes a rare appearance in the video.


With “BreatheAiryen Vay continues her trend of using her music in a powerful way. This time, Airyen Vay calls out to the world’s younger generations with a simple message: make your voice heard.

Through her uplifting and infectious pop vocals, Airyen Vay encourages youth protest and members of the younger generations to do whatever it takes to bring about positive change in the world. At its heart, this track is about fighting for what is right, no matter what controversy it may cause or how others around you might react to it.

Throughout the song, Airyen Vay continually uses the chorus to plead with listeners to just, “Breathe.” In doing so, she is reminding listeners that they cannot allow themselves to be suffocated by a fear of upsetting others. To better share this song’s powerful message, Airyen Vay has recruited international actress Maia Morgenstern to star in the “Breathe” official music video. 


Playing the role of Airyen Vay’s mother, Morgenstern fights with her impassioned daughter who wants to join other members of her generation as they march in protest past the family’s bakeshop. Despite her resistance, Morgenstern’s character soon realizes that it is not right to stop her daughter from speaking out.

Rather, the best thing she can do as a mother is to encourage her daughter to use her own voice. On a deeper level, Morgenstern fills the role perfectly as she experienced notable real-life criticism and backlash for playing the role of Mary in the box office smash – “The Passion of Christ (2004)”. Describing her experience as part of the “Breathe” movie, Morgenstern stated.

Airyen Vay’s music styles are Indie pop, Pop soul, R&B, Soul, Urban pop Authentic, Catchy, Contemporary, Creative, Mainstream, and Original.

Available on Spotify, International potential, Unsigned artist, and Young talents.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/airyenvay/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3pJqf3YQcdVzPuEP1wTazB?si=tEjka-p4Tle2nIolvHQNIw

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