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Dibiblack is with a difference. He is originally from Benin and lives in Belgium. His music has no borders. His tracks are worth listening and you can discover more from the world of Dibiblack.

Based in Brussels and of Benin origin, he grew up in a family of musicians. From an early age, he started music with his brothers. Over time, he started writing his own songs and that’s how Dibiblack was created.


He has a fairly varied musical universe ranging from Pop Music to Afro Music. He likes telling stories through songs. He started writing love stories and then diversified. “Shake It” was his first funk song in English.


Dibiblack said, “Music has no limit”. That is the reason why he had not chosen any particular fixed style of music. He write all his songs based on the state of his mind.


Dibiblack’s music styles are Dance pop, Dream pop, Film music, Hip-hop, International pop, Rap, French rap, Trap, French variety Chill, Good vibes, Groovy, Melodic, Original, and Romantic.

Available on Spotify, Early project, Strong social media presence, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project, and Young talents.



INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/dibiblack01?utm_source=qr

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6PQuns7sAh1BQyCFvY30wj?si=qAGIcMwaRaqzWDwXw4ijwA

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