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E.G. Phillips is a San Francisco-based songwriter who creates lyric-driven songs with his own special blend of whimsy and cinematic imagery which he uses to give a wry take on dealing with the longings of the heart and the madness of existence.

In possession of a degree in Geography, he comes from a country called the Midwest and his favorites include Bob Dylan and The Kinks as well as Duke Ellington...and that crowd. When it comes to his stage presence, there's a touch of satirist Tom Lehrer in the mix. 


The latest offering from singer-songwriter E.G. Phillips is topical in light of the UK officially recognizing Octopuses as sentient beings. Known simply as “The Octopus Song” this meditation on the inner life of our cephalopod friends and the nature of consciousness also takes a personal turn.


E. G. Phillips was inspired to write the song as a promotional effort for a gig at Oakland’s now-defunct Octopus Literary Salon and the book “The Soul of an Octopus” by Sy Montgomery. Montgomery herself has praised the end result, saying “This is a great testament to the wonder of the octopus! I am honored, cheered, and deeply moved at a song that is at once nimble, clever, and profound.” 

Anecdotes from Montgomery’s book became the basis for verses, but it was her reference to the Hawaiian Kumulipo that led to the chorus. Although the translation of this chant is in dispute, the claim islanders have a myth that octopuses are the only survivors from a previous world made for a wonderful jumping off point — it also might be mistaken as yet another of Phillips’ references to British sci-fi staple Doctor Who. The final line of this chorus has become the title for the album to which the song will belong: “Alien from an Alternate Earth.”

E.G. Phillips music styles are Bossa nova, Country Americana, Indie rock, Lofi bedroom, Modern jazz, Singer songwriter Authentic, Eclectic, Meaningful lyrics, Melancholic, and Original.

Available on Spotify, On stage experience, Unsigned artist, and Upcoming project.



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/duckswithpants/

SPOTIFY:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/09f9nDQyQ19kOaF6vE7sVy?si=tdLdssZzRnq6B8Uja5yQng

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