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Elaine Kristal is a singer and songwriter from Staten Island, NY. This undiscovered powerful and soulful vocalist has loved music since a very early age, participating in school plays at her elementary school and singing in the hallways of her high school wearing a bandana and hoop earrings, inspired by Alicia Keys, who has been an incredible inspiration in her life and music.

Her Puerto Rican roots gave her a tune to music that she could not deny, being introduced to Latin artists such as Selena and the sounds of Janet Jackson, Blackstreet, and Prince by her father, she grew to love the sound of music and the feelings it gave her.


Elaine’s voice offers a healing component, striking a harmonious balance between soothing and fierce, pacifying yet rousing that you can’t get enough of when she sings. Writing her first song at 13 years old and then having her first studio experience at 16 years old, she knew this is what she was born to do.

Elaine Kristal was highly influenced by Usher, Brandy, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, and Def Poetry Jam performances, Elaine’s music possesses a classic-R&B quality infused with a modern bounce, crafted by a sensual individuality that shines through in every aspect of her personality.


Elaine Kristal Escapes to a Far Away Place to Get Away from a Toxic Relationship. Many of us have lived through a relationship with that one toxic person that we will never stop loving or thinking about no matter who we ultimately end up with.

The song “Tested” is about that toxicity. We get hurt but we often stay. We stay but imagine being far away. We look up to the stars and wonder if there is someone out there that is better for us. When asked about her inspiration for this track, Elaine said “I wrote this song after seeing my friend very upset after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. The odd thing was that he was being very insulting and disrespectful towards her. It made me wonder why anyone would stay in a relationship like that. But I also realized that there is nothing rational about love. We will often do the exact opposite of what we would advise others to do”.


Elaine Kristal’s music styles are Indie pop, Lo-fi bedroom, Pop soul, Rap, R&B, Soul, Urban pop Catchy, Chill, Contemporary, Good vibes, Indie, Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Original, Relax, Romantic, Sensual, and Underground.

Available on Spotify, Composer, Strong social media presence, Supported artist, and Unsigned artist.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/elainekristal

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Wx8CGqItVDKZC53l7Y2tJ?si=I9zWVSVrTiiLI5TiEflCNA

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