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Høst, it’s "autumn" in Norwegian, and just like the late season, this project mixes colors and textures but also jazz, post-rock, trip-hop and improvised music.

Høst's Music never does too much and there is in every corner this inventiveness and a touch of madness that never gets bored. An impressive range of emotions and energies, a cinematographic universe arousing the most distant imaginations, taking the audience to the great Nordic spaces and the desert moor, sources of inspiration for the quartet which will draw its influences as well from the side from Sigur Rós than from Esbjörn Svensson Trio or Jim Black Alasnoaxis.




"Kos": A journey between the Pyrenees and the Fjords.

Kos, in Norway, is the art of cultivating good times. This new creation of the quartet opens the door to a warm universe of comforting melancholy, like a moment of cocooning after a good hike in the Pyrenees or a stroll through the fjords. 

 For this new opus, 3 magnificent guests have joined the adventure! These are Toulouse-based Ferdinand Doumerc on saxophone (on the track "Diu Ors") and Nicolas Gardel on trumpet (on the track "Vill") and the American singer Jeff Taylor (on the track "Dreamwalk"), met during a co-stage with the Donny Mc Caslin quartet at the Jazz in Marciac Festival in 2019.

Other features of the band performance are:

1)      Carla Gaudré: sax, keyboards, compositions

2)     Dorian Dutech: guitars, glockenspiel, compositions

3)     Pierre Terrisse: bass

4)     Théo Teboul: drums, keyboard, SPDS

HØST’s music styles are Experimental jazz, Modern jazz, Post-rock, Contemporary, Creative, Dreamy, Original, Surprising, Strong universe, Composer, Early project, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, Upcoming project, and Young talents.



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/host_music

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