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Hunnie B was recently signed to Sony Music after her new single was co-written with Uneek Int. Her previous collaboration with KowKow “Feeling you” has been released and all platforms on January 14. The video is expected soon with all the excitement, fun, and amazing visuals! The single – “Feeling You” has already been placed in a music soundtrack called ‘redemption’ which will be released in summer.

KowKow’s Island flair and Hunnie B’s ability to bring pop into the track were already evolving into a new fusion of music! The two decided it would be fun, light, happy, and something people could all relate to and listen to. The result is in the music, “Feeling You”, which skyrocketed to 18 K views on SoundCloud on its first day of release!


In 2019 Hunnie B was pulled aside by Jonnie Most Davis to do the song ‘Crazy Ruff’, after performing the lead in the musical little shop of horrors as Audrey in the Haskell opera house and theater. The only opera house in the world located on the border of two countries the US and Canada enjoyed all 12 sold-out shows!

 “Crazy Ruff” enjoyed over 105,000 streams on Spotify and the video shoot in Paris rocketed over 300,000 views on Instagram in just its first day. This song was inspired while the two artists collaborated in Florida. They co-wrote the song together in just a few hours!!

In the midst of all this as if honey was not busy enough, she was approached by Metin Gungor to write a film about the making of her life. She is currently writing the script and will be meeting him in London.


As her life story would dictate, the ironic twists and turns, it would make sense to know that she is also meeting 50 Cent when she arrives in London! Once there, she will propose a collaboration and for him to also be in the movie.

There is currently a lineup of actors including Wilma Elles, Vedat Ucar, and some big-name surprises. Hunnie B currently resides in her peaceful home out in the country near the Canadian border. She has two horses, three kids, and a husband. She spends all of her spare time in her studio when she is not tending to her children and animals writing her own unique music recording and playing guitar.

Hunnie B’s music styles are Alternative rock, Dance music, Experimental electronic, Indie folk, Indie pop, Indie rock, Pop rock, Singer-songwriter, Chill, Meaningful lyrics, and Underground.

Available on Spotify.


INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/shellybethhoney

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/2oXcwV3cRB1Fkg9y1Ovt0i?si=Ph4v0QVGSjuqibcZpAVwwg&dl_branch=1

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