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Indi Faulkner is a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter with an innate ability to seamlessly blend differing genres-from indie-rock to modern jazz. She has an unquantifiable authenticity to her voice that is present with every note. She is a lifelong musician, having performed locally as young as 10 years old. Indi explores themes of longing, waiting, and hoping for change.

Soar is a moving, pop-jazz ballad with heavy Adele style arrangement, Weyes Blood singer-songwriter vibes, covered in H.E.R. style pads and layers. Indi’s voice and jazz background shine through the rich and dynamic orchestration of live recordings, piano, bass, guitar, strings, layered horns, and free-form drums. This is my first song produced professionally, by Andrew Vait at Little Wins. She is currently applying to colleges to study Jazz vocals and hoping to get my music out there!


The song started life as a small guitar and vocal song in a dorm room at the Berklee summer program and then later Indi experimented with unique jazz and ballad-type moments with different instruments.


SOAR” explores the anxieties that come with being misunderstood and overpromising in order to compensate for it.’ Music critics say, “The fragile mid-tempo track and the lustrous voice went perfectly together, and she fell in love with listening to it” said Pluto at Gerbera Music Agency.

 Indi Faulkner music styles are Dream pop, Indie pop, Lofi bedroom.



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/indi_faulkner/

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