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Juliette Jemm released Mirages blancs that appear sad and emotional. It is in French. When she plays it, people get very moved, and she receives a lot of love. The song topic is similar to the one of last Stromae song, "L'enfer".

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Mirages blancs

Mirages blancs was The song co-produced with the Japanese composer Shohei Narabe (Drum TAO, Kome Kome Club ), and the French artist-producer Nampa. The artist-producer NAMPA, whose song “Fabulous” met great success in 2018 with notably 1.5 million streams on Spotify.


Juliette Jemm released her EP, Motto Blonde, in November 2019. She collaborates and has collaborated with Sugar Sweetie, Julia Mascetti, Jesse The City, and Yonaga orchestra. Juliette Jemm sings in French and in English. Sometimes in Japanese. She speaks fluent Japanese. She has lived 8 years in Tokyo.


So some of her inspiration comes from the land of the rising sun. Her Inspiration comes from Tove Lo, Yelle, Stromae, Frida Kahlo, with a Japonish touch.

Juliette Jemm music styles are Dance pop, Electropop, Indie pop, and International pop.



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/juliettejemm/

 SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/3zMJN3tRhXUGdNV35AXpm9?si=HK0MHiSnQz2tYoevf1VVJw&nd=1

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