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Lyre le temps are back. The creation of this new album “Sharper Than A Pen” was supposed to have been done in New Orleans, but no way to travel. They changed plans and the 4 musicians composed of Swing Resistance who are sometimes home and sometimes in the studio, as the only option to travel.

A New Future-past dressed with Hip-Hop, Electro, and Jazz music. The swing resistance is walking or dancing.

CLICK TO STREAM: Sharper Than A Pen

Lyre Le Temps, the clock is racing! Since its debut in 2009, the band from Strasbourg embarks all generations in a whirlwind of swing, electro and hip-hop, as if Cab Calloway were tap dancing on a broadside of scratches & pop melodies.

Their fourth album, Clock Master, confirms the superpowers of the quartet who master time to invent their own groove. Ry'm, fiery lead singer, studied harmony at the Berklee College of Music with legends like Prince Charles Alexander or Mr. Quincy Jones himself and that's about it!

The contagious euphoria and the cartoony universe that have made their reputation on tour, around the world, are still there. But also, there’s this unique way that they have, of making rap and electronic flutter sound so amazing in their outstanding gangster’s suits.

From Sad Swing to Now or Never, the 12 new tracks confirm that these French dudes have created their own Spatio-temporal parenthesis between the rabid mood of the roaring twenties and the modernity of a band fed with hip-hop, electro beats, and reggae vibes.

Lyre le Temps, it's the land of all possibilities, Benny Goodman and his clarinet driving the Delorean from Back To The Future, a modern and virtuoso 'feel good' band whose upcoming tour should definitely set the record straight!

Lyre Le Temps, is first the dream of three music lovers: travel through the twentieth century. Although each actor wears a different color music, they share the same interest for the major genres that have influenced the twentieth century - especially jazz. And the singer pianist Ry'm, which highlights this aspect by his talent for improvisation: all voice and piano present on different tracks were recorded in one take, and nothing was written in advance. Then a first fusion takes place with Amorphous, DJ, rapper and hip hop instrumentalist, who plunges his collection of old vinyl records to create instrumental hues old. Finally, II contributes to the electronic mail to all, whether in the construction and evolution of different titles, in the effects and mastering general, or in electronic batteries.

Lyre le temps’s music styles are Electro swing, Hip-hop, and Modern jazz.



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lyreletemps/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6jX8VHUJomYSfi5Hobdmmn

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