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Marc Buronfosse is an artist bassist and guitarist based in Paris – France. He is also a composer, producer, jazzman, and teacher.

At the helm of his Aegn project, bassist Marc Buronfosse offers us Aegean Nights, an opus with more electric than ever. Swapping for the occasion his favorite instrument for a Fender Bass VI, the musician and pedagogue with a more than respectable CV surrounds himself again with his faithful sidekick Arnaud Biscay (drums/percussion) and invites the excellent Maxime Hoarau (keyboards/vibraphone, FXs) to succeed to Stephane Tsapis.

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Naoussa's Night

The trio embarks on their journey of the guests of heart, who brings with them touches of color that give the work a sound particular. We meet the poet Jean-Philippe Carlot ("Aegean Night"), the trumpeter Andreas Polyzogopoulos ("Monastiri's Night"), the saxophonist Adrien Soleiman ("Naoussa's Night") and flutist Rishab Prasanna ("Oia's Night").


Together, they perform 8 original compositions, recorded at Studio Delta in Paris and mixed in Paros, the emblematic island of Cyclades where Marc has been working since 2011 as artistic director of Jazz In Paros Festival and the Mediterranean Artists Masters.

Baptized Aegn in homage to the Aegean Sea, the formation - then a quintet - published his self-titled debut album in 2016, a dark and deep record inhabited hypnotic textures, disturbing loops, echoes and reverberations ghostly.

More personal and less improvised than its predecessor, Aegean Nights is even more open to electro. If climates chill with immersive textures ("Apollolia's Night") develop quite broadly, the general atmosphere of the disc seems all the same to be oriented towards its progressive rock ("Kastro's Night") even psychedelic ("Thea's Night").

This jazz/rock fusion is the transcription into music of nocturnal atmospheres and summers of the archipelago located in the Mediterranean basin, a place that has become a true source of inspiration and creation for the artist.

Marc Buronfosse music styles are Ambient, Experimental electronic, Experimental jazz, Jazz fusion, Modern jazz Creative, Experimental, Unique, and Intense.

Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, and Unsigned artist.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/marc_buronfosse/

SPOTIFY:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6z936ePKbSmS6Ly8jRvaHe?si=2PeGm0s4Rb-Ac0NF08kLXA

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