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Peter Lake is a New York City-based singer-songwriter who revels in anonymity. His musical influences include Curtis Mayfield, Motown, Billie Eilish and Rüfüs Du Sol.

Peter Lake is versatile in music that he has not stuck to one genre, dabbling in rock, pop, indie, and house. Lake’s philosophy of music-making is that by combining genres, the range of song creation has increased. A song that successfully incorporates and connects the positive aspects of different musical styles has the potential to be more universally appealing than any song in history.

Being a New York City-based alternative, multi-media artist Peter Lake announces the release of Blue, his third EP in a musical collection that he began releasing this past summer.

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Sugar it Lightly

The three tracks on Blue - “Sugar it Lightly,” “Shadow Games” and “Ghost in Me” - each have their own specific theme. The first single off the EP, “Sugar it Lightly,” paints a vivid picture of the most vigorous force in the universe: Love.

The up-tempo track features synth elements cascading throughout and gives listeners a glimpse into the mysterious life of the musician. The second track, “Shadow Games,” highlights the songwriter’s jovial side.

Inspired by a night spent looking after a precocious child unwilling to go to bed unless entertained, the song finds humor in the child’s demands. The third single, “Ghost in Me,” seeks to capture the essence of loss and grief.

The songwriter takes a moment to explore bereavement hallucination, a sensory-specific experience one might feel during the mourning process. Haunting words overlay light guitar chords and accentuate the emotions of this final track. Blue, the new EP by Peter Lake, is now streaming on all musical platforms.

You can follow Peter Lake on social media for announcements of Lake’s future releases and other musical updates.

Peter Lake music styles are Alternative rock, Dance music, Dance-pop, Electronic rock, Electro-pop, Indie pop, Indie rock, Pop rock, Synth-pop, and Techno.


 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/peterlakemusic/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2LO6MZ0w06BnfgIfoJHIe6?si=VoV_4HLNRXWFJjBVZL8EjQ

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