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Olivier Ferré is known as (Seyrig Gardner) is a musical artist based in France.

Seyrig Gardner has been practicing the piano since childhood with some other instruments. He has played the music in different formations. He is also a computer engineer and had just composed and made his first edited record on his 50th birthday! The musical journey of his work is quite large, with jazzy background music and contemporary music, and has been involved in films, cartoons, and other musical activities. 


He is very appreciative of those who take the time to listen to this song - “Chutes”. As part of his first "musical pursuits" album released before, he would like to promote an unfamiliar playlist. He needs advice and help. 


Seyrig Gardner musical styles are Alternative rock, Classical music, Coldwave, Experimental jazz, Experimental rock, Film music, Funk, Jazz fusion, Hip-hop, Indie folk, Indie pop, Indie rock, Instrumental, International pop, Modern jazz, Neoclassical, New wave, Nouvelle scene, Pop rock, Pop soul, Progressive rock, Singer-songwriter, Soul, Trip hop, French variety Contemporary, Creative, Curious, Indie, Melodic, and Original.

Available on Spotify, Composer, on-stage experience, and Unsigned artist.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3dw7fjIjedopm4oXNZg6Gm?si=MAZdMU7aRGmZ1ZCECtGRcA

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