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BOTO (Beto Capobianco) has been a musician since he was 17. He studied sound engineering and piano in Berlin, Germany, where he worked for four years in the world of experimental music - both classical and electronic.

During this period, he performed in several nightclubs in Europe with his DJ set aimed especially at the LGBTQIA+ audience. In Brazil, he has been responsible for the production of soundtracks for films like Verona by the Minas Gerais director Marcelo Caetano and countless films commercials, as well as DJing for events in the São Paulo underground scene.

BOTO mixes pop with melancholy and creates a unique sound in the Brazilian scene with the single blade”. "Lâmina" talks about the duality of love in times of pandemic; the track will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday, 11/19.

BOTO is the name of the new musical project by São Paulo composer Beto Capo bianco, marking his debut in Brazilian pop music with the release of the single "Blade", which speaks of the duality of love in a rhythm accompanying beats electronics, synthesizers, and percussion.

The track will be available to the public at streaming platforms this Friday, 11/19.

Lâmina was produced at Beto's studio in São Paulo, between the most difficult of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the compositions in the quarantine, we are faced with sudden changes from more melancholy moments to more energetic moments, of hopes and disappointments. , suggesting the oscillations that mark love, that mark the heartbeat, that mark the pain of one's own love”, says Beto.

The result of this sentimental experience was the fusion of electronic background with a contemporary and pop outfit.

The new song adds Beto, talks about love in its broadest sense: "It's a composition that talks about the losses and gains of love and how we relate to these oscillations, how we accept the loss and how we face new forms of love.

The debut of the song Lâmina is accompanied by its own visual language, created and idealized by Beto in partnership with Alma Negrot, a makeup artist and drag queen who has been standing out as a powerful figure in the creative and underground scene.

As well as the duality in love and the mix of melancholy with electronic Beats, the photos were taken in the water include 3D makeup, scenery with exotic plants Brazilian women, and elements that suggest an unknown world, with a baroque style where the light and dark add extreme drama to the scenes.

BOTO works best on Brazilian Music, Indie pop, International pop, Nouvelle scene, Synth-pop, Trip hop Contemporary, Creative, Drama, Eccentric, Eclectic, Experimental, Intense, Melancholic, Melodic, Dreamy, Sensual, Tropical, Upbeat



Instagram: https://instagram.com/botobetoboto

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Apj6F2mAul8FPIK17gYOv?si=HEMlkMevSueQWmR5byHtzQ


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: This track was made for the Portuguese language in Brazil. You will best appreciate the song if you understand Portuguese. Will share it on our site for Brazilian fans to make comments.

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