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Music is something that is consumed by everyone daily. So much so that is easy to forget how much art that music truly is. An expressive art form that requires an artist to use their sounds, words, or samples to paint a vivid picture for the listener to see, and take them on a journey of the mind. With creativity like G-smokesolja, he brings a sound like no other that is nothing short of genius with his new track project called “TUMBA”.


Another stand out is of course that this title record “TUMBA” serves as the perfect follow up to the previous record, with a harder sound that makes this an impossible record to not get engulfed in, as the layers of the music work in perfect harmony to make a sonically brilliant sound that you can listen to for time to come to hear the many elements to it.

 G-smokesolja works best on Afrobeat, Beats, Country Americana, Dance music, Instrumental, Nouvelle scene, French variety Dancing, & Surprising.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gsmokesolja/

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