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Music is always changing and always evolving, but one thing that always helps it last is when an artist puts their all into the music. That special feeling that helps the listener connect to the music, as the authenticity in the music, makes it hard not to resonate with the listener. That music is what Harzeloup delivers on his new single “Mqxime – Purple”.

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Mqxime – Purple

Harzeloup brings a refreshing indie-pop sound that delivers in every way on the new song “Mqxime – Purple”. The instrumentation brings a soulful funky feel to the music that you feel in your bones to the point you have to move, with every melody feeling just as good as the next. To match the sound you get an incredible vocal performance that makes you feel the music even more, with a mastery in the tone that delivers the writing to perfection to make sure you feel it all. Good demonstration.

Harzeloup works best on Hip-hop, French rap, and R&B.



YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4to5_ohwoFvqwK-znTdQ4w

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