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Improbable Evidence is an artist creating music from the story of a meeting.

Between a penitent businessman, crazy about music, songwriter, passionate about the 80s, and a Star of electro. French texts, elaborate and sarcastic, subtle.

Full melodic compositions.

In the background: The New Retro Wave. A rhythm modern that sanctifies certain immobility. Together, they create The “French Wave”: The magic of Retro Pop arrangements applied to melodic compositions à la Berger and texts Gainsbourians.

Three next singles, before the release of the album.

The band's first single.

The modesty of pain. The ambiguity of the break. The desire for solitude for two.

A high-pitched voice that whispers his sorrow. An assumed rhythm that makes you want to dance.

“JAMAIS VIEUX” Unachievable goal? It is not the years, but the heart and the capacity to love that determine our age. This is the message of this title. The age of being an adult, or the age of remaining a child.

The rhythms and retro wave sounds give this lucid and deep text an optimistic vigor. "JAMAIS VIEUX" is our fourth opus.

OnTheSceneNY Feedback: This particular album’s press release was in French. The English translation may not be 100%. The story by the artist appears not comprehensive. Will share it for comments.

Improbable Evidence works best on Electro-pop, Synth-pop, Synthwave, French variety Curious, Experimental, Unique, Original, Surprising, & Strong universe.

Available on Spotify, Early project, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, & Supported artist.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/improbableevidence

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4753QWzx1EGbFTDdLEAe6y?si=6hqSb3NpQeuLCrbMBN4hSA&dl_branch=1


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