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Jet Lee is a passionate Hip Hop artist, songwriter, and singer from West Point, Mississippi. Jet Lee "Da Rapper Not Da Actor" (Jalen Jamael Lee) is pushing full-throttle towards his goals of reigning supremacy in Hip Hop scene with the release of a new single titled F What You Heard.

The newest song “F What You Heard” is taking the reins with its emergence alongside its producing label Ambitious Paper Chasers. Jet Lee "Da Rapper Not Da Actor" is a persistent and wise artist whose career truly has no end in sight.


Recording his first song at the age of 12 as a child helped him find his vocal power, which led him to a recent embankment in his music career. In this new single “F What You Heard”, Jet Lee "Da Rapper Not Da Actor" is targeting everyone who is in love with good music and especially the lovers of Hip Hop genre.

The idea of the record is to inspire people to not care about what people say behind them but to focus on their dreams and aspirations. This song is for anyone who just wants to do exploits irrespective of what people say about them behind them, “F What You Heard”.

 With this release, there’s no longer a single doubt about Jet Lee "Da Rapper Not Da Actor” qualities. He has announced himself as a voice to listen out for in the Hip Hop scene.

Jet Lee "Da Rapper Not Da Actor" with the real name Jalen Jamael Lee is originally from Mississippi. He currently lives in Oceanside, CA. He aspires to make good music and invest in long-term wealth for his family and future home. His hobbies outside of music are playing 7 on 7 pickup football and spending time with his family.

OnTheSceneNY’s Feedback: Jet Lee’s music is no doubt music for all to listen. In action, he is a real Rapper. We will include his song on our site for all to make comments.

Jet Lee works best on Grime, Hip-hop, Rap in English Authentic, Catchy, Creative, Energetic, Engaged, Hardcore, Mainstream, & Original.

Available on Spotify, On stage experience, Supported artist, Upcoming project, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APCJetLee/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Ns0aqGSUw7nNj8RAppRwA?si=DBkzW4wBTw6YGVbPpk44zQ

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