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Monroe & Moralezz are an artists and producer duo from Austria. Their home is in the four-country corner of Lake Constance.

Their top productions include the current song "Happy Days" which is the follow-up track to "Taxi Driver".

Happy Days” is the follow-up track to Taxi Driver. After the continuing success, the trio has worked together again. The distinctive modern voice of Zach Sorgen combined with the sound of Monroe & Moralezz, results in a happy modern funky pop sound. Also, the similar playing of the guitar of Nile Rodgers (Daft Punk) gives the whole thing the final touch.


"The Tallest Man on Earth" and "Start Over" have been the most successful songs of the two producers to date. With "Heaven A Place on Earth" they also produced the first 80's top hit cover song performed by Belinda Carlisle.


Also, the matching music videos to their songs, make the two themselves. What started as a small experimental project in October 2009 began to develop steadily and the first successes were not lacking.

Whether dance, house, EDM, funky or pop, musically they are very diverse and cannot be assigned to any particular genre. No song is like the other. They are always reinventing themselves.


They collaborate with artists and singers from all over the world. The intensive collaboration at their label Munix Music has also contributed to the fact that Monroe & Moralezz could develop into an all-rounder team for music and video over the years.

OnTheSceneNY’s Feedback: These two artists are courageous and steadfast in their calling since 2009. Keep collaborating for the next breakthrough. We will share their musical works on our site.

Monroe & Moralezz works best on Chill-out, Dance music, Dance-pop, Electro-pop, Film music, Future House, House music, Instrumental, International pop, Singer-songwriter, Techno Catchy, Creative, Dancing, Energetic, Experimental, Good vibes, Groovy, Mainstream, & Dreamy.

Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, & Supported Artist.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monroe_moralezz/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ouwxwmJmSWTB3jK8T2BKK

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