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Nieri (pronounced nee-eh-ree) is a singer, songwriter, and dance-pop artist out of Milan. He dreamed of making music ever since first listening to Pop icons like Madonna, George Michael, and Britney Spears.

He started with performing at local venues but it was when Nieri discovered nightlife, that his affinity with dance music began. This led to working as a vocalist for DJs. His various collaborations and additional recording work in the UK allowed Nieri to sharpen his songwriting skills and artistry.

This motivated him even further to make his artistic vision a reality. Nieri now lives in Los Angeles, where he is working on a body of songs that represent his most authentic self, with a debut EP slated for 2022.

Nieri, the Milan-raised / LA-based artist is ready to share his unique brand of pop with the world. Nurtured by his European roots and inspired by his life in LA, Nieri pairs catchy melodies, punchy drums, analog synths, and personal lyrics to create refreshing electronic pop that gets you dancing through the night.

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Kicking things off is his club-worthy anthem, "Beautiful Music". The debut single conjures a pulsing beat and fuzzy baseline, immediately transporting you to a late-night hotspot. His smooth vocals draw you to the dance floor with a seductive persuasion that dancing is the cure for all your illness.

He describes the track: "Beautiful Music is about the need to release tension, and finding that release in music. Many of us try to escape the stress of modern life with coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, or casual sex. In most cases, that doesn’t really end well. He wrote this song as a reminder to himself that when things get tough, music has (and always will) be there for help. All that is needed to do is turn it on, dance a little, and eventually, you will be okay”. 

The single is part of a debut EP, slated for later this year. Written and recorded between LA and Stockholm, with producer Joakim Buddee, the EP will showcase Nieri’s versatility as a songwriter and vocalist.

OnTheSceneNY Feedback: This track is really Beautiful Music. You can dance to it and feel good. All files were supplied. Will share it on our site.

Nieri works best on Dance music, Dance pop, Electropop, International pop, Nu-disco, Synthpop, Synthwave Catchy, Contemporary, Dancing, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Strong universe, & Upbeat.

Available on Spotify, On stage experience, International potential, & Upcoming project.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisnieri

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0208Hg5nvzWSEUaS24p5cz?si=mQYz586nSu6goO4S8X5VMw

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