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Red Gazelle Trio was founded in 2014 and their debut album Udkig was released in 2018. They played countless concerts in the Copenhagen area and are steady participants at the Vinterjazz & CPH jazz festival. They released their music video Stay Crispy in 2020 with support from DPA (Danish Popular Auteurs Association).

On Red Gazelle Trio’s new album, the listener journeys through floating poetic jazz and enticing grooves. Binding the album together is an emphasis on captivating melodies which is always a point of departure for the music.


A stark contrast to this is the track Stargazing where a sweet melody evolves into a dancing African groove filled with hope. The music occasionally shifts from its laid-back and understated Nordic jazz roots to reveal a colliding temper.


Copenhagen. Associated acts: ALAWARI (Winner of Ungjazz 2017 competition for young Danish jazz acts ), Hein Westgaard Trio (Currently in the Norwegian competition Jazzintro finals, 2020), Asger Thomsen's Autolysis (read reviews), etc.


The Copenhagen based trio by Kristoffer Vejslev (electric guitar), Peter Price (double bass) and Simon Forchhammer (drums) is one of the most promising upcoming bands on the Nordic contemporary jazz scene. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major influence on the trio and their music. "Stargazing" is composed during lockdown, and is a mellow track full of depth, a sweet melody and soothing storytelling. Red Gazelle Trio is a strong trio with obvious qualities, and hope the music fits your music taste.

Red Gazelle Trio works best on Modern jazz Contemporary, & Creative.

Available on Spotify, & Young talents.



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/12ByUe57p6VbjmeUn05Lpd?si=gtpQyaf2T4qaT27YIogUiQ

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