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The Wave wears many hats. Singer, Pianist, Producer, Arranger, Mixer, Musical Director, he even did the photoshoot for this project. A teen in the 90s, he was infused with Soul, Funk, New-Jack Swing, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

However, his formal classical and jazz musical background allowed him to master many musical genres. Explorer, his everlasting quest, is about new sounds and new ways to express his artistry, to commune and communicate with the audience.

The idea of this project, brought to him by friend and associate Wil Van Zyl, is the expression of what music is about: it’s meant to be shared. Every song was written and produced by The Wave and imagined like an haute-couture artisan, custom-designed for each artist. Yes, it’s his EP, no doubt about that, but what’s the point in driving the road alone when you can bring talented friends with you?


The Wave constitutes about six individuals known as Campus Vol 1 which is a multi-artist project, produced and created by The Wave and Wil Van Zyl. The project highlights 6 upcoming French R&B artists, all lead vocalists on songs written and produced by The Wave. Every song reflects the personality and musicality of the artist and is custom-made for her/ him. The result is a diverse, yet coherent R&B EP that travels through genres and moods, and lets you appreciate the versatility of The Wave as a producer and songwriter.

OnTheSceneNY Feedback: The artist The Wave provided the required files. The album is classical way of collaborating to produce this album. We will share it on our site.

The Wave works best on Chill-out, Funk, Pop soul, R&B, Soul Chill, Creative, Good vibes, Groovy, Melodic, Romantic, Sensual, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, Supported artist, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewavegalaxy/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hzMWcTqXbDmtLyjmK2KKm?si=t_o9efaESvyrS8M9wXLEng&utm_source=copy-link

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