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Up-and-coming Italian-born music artist and producer, TOMiGOTTi, is based in Innsbruck (Austria). Originally from Bolzano/Bozen, (South Tyrol) at the age of 13, he discovered his passion for electronic music.

At a time when Italian-Dance music was riding high in the dance charts, he first emerged as a deejay under the pseudonym “DJ Tom”. He soon found himself on stage in various clubs and parties as a sought-after special guest.


But soon the realities of life caught up with him, and his passion for music was put on hold. Tom went on to complete his studies before entering professional life. Yet his one overriding passion never left him: his yearning to produce his own music.

It took over 20 years before he finally gave in to his calling when, at the age of 40, he began to produce music. Inspired by artists such as Kygo, Robin Schulz, Avicii, and others. TOMiGOTTi’s dream of producing his own tracks finally came to fruition. An unabashed plug-in junkie, he knows exactly what he’s doing – though writing plug-ins isn’t the same as producing songs.


Soft piano, slow rhythm, a hopeful voice combined with a down-tempo beat, and analog synths with a carrying emotional melody. These are the characteristics of the now down-tempo track from artist TOMiGOTTi.

The Story behind the track: Nothing is forever. This also applies to our lives. Sometimes, however, fate is a rotten traitor and brings us to our knees. An accident, an illness, something else. And the end is near. But the end is not the final end. Memories remain, emotions are still lived.

Tomigotti works best on Dance music, Dance-pop, Disco, International pop, Synth-pop, Synth-wave Catchy, Energetic, Groovy, Lo-fi, Melancholic, Positive, & Tropical.

Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Unsigned artist, & Upcoming project.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dj.tomigotti/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3YFm69NGpg7uQg3nmLYLy9


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Tomigotti produced a pop song to narrate The End of all things. Nothing is forever. Good song and will share it on our site.

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