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French musician-producer Tooloud (aka Cyrille Fonteneau) is armed with a solid background in mixing electronic music. 

A mixture of electronics and very rhythmic rock, sublimated by the very particular voice of Kenny Joyce! “Miss you”… Charlie

He works mainly for images and has produced many "soundtracks" for TV, brands (Chanel, Total, Citroen, Lancôme ...), short films and shows immersive (Futuroscope). 

Composer and director of several phonographic projects in the early 2000s on different labels (Barclay, Universal, London Records)

Tribute to the "Rolling Stones". Mythical band that reinvented rock, influenced our lifestyles, spanned the ages. 

Faithful to their values, without concession. This is THE reference. This is THE reference.. Mick Jagger, eternal young man, tattooed their music in our genes. 

At a time when Charlie Watts left to play on another planet, Tooloud pays tribute to them with this cover of an eternal title engraved in our memories! 

Tooloud works best on Alternative rock, Electronic rock, Electropop, Experimental rock, Garage rock, Indie rock, International pop, New wave, Pop Punk, Pop rock, Pop soul, Post rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic pop, Psychedelic rock.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tooloud_music


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Good reinvented rock by Tooloud has been interesting. Will share his musical works on our site.

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