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 Raphael "Yaans" Bourguet is a French music producer and songwriter aiming to share stories through house music. He started music production in 2012 with a focus on Pop, Rock, Blues and House music.

DJ YoungMan” was his first nickname to change into BassJartex, Raphael B, and... Yaans. This name comes from his grandmother who had a lot of influence on the music education he received. From B.B. King to Ray Charles and The Rolling Stones, Yaans has a huge inspiration from Blues, Rock, and afro culture.


Most of his production gives a lot of importance to the rhythm and vocals. The Yaans music genre is the match between progressive house melodies with afro-house. The goal is to share good music with a deep message with it. And, each year a new topic is out. 2019-2020 : Loneliness (Alone, Hanging on, Baby with Semme etc...) 2020-2021 : Seduction ("Rafael", "Don't Know" with WAN, "iSeduction" with Holly Rae and Jones 2.0) 2021-2022 : Family.


Have you ever wanted to say to your father "I'm a man now.. Be proud of me"? “IMAMAN”, the new single by Yaans and Daniel McMillan, released on January 28th talks about prideness. The wish to do great things in our life.


The wish to share our "victory" with the people that we love. Fathers, in a lot of cultures, represent the challenge, the work that we have to do... Staying strong. I wanted to express this feeling with this music. You'll hear a vibe of nostalgia but also hope and rhythm.

IMAMAN” is not “I’m a man” because there are so many things to do before claiming this.

Yaans works best on Dance-pop, Deep house, House music Catchy, Chill, Good vibes, & Melancholic.

Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Strong social media presence, Unsigned artist.

In my personal opinion, I love this song and the title and its meaning. This is what makes a father proud of his son. I am sharing it on my site.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yaans.music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2aBmsHCMYVxE84mbhFhj4k?si=C5_vfCpISomWjwzYuqgz_g&dl_branch=1

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