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9Balaclava is an artist and rapper/vocalist from Ontario, Canada. He was born in Kansas, US, and lived most of my childhood in Colombia, until he moved to London when he was 11 years old.

He produced for 2 years starting at 15 years old, but rapping and free-styling was his true passion, bringing it to the light with his first single "ALL TIME LOW" in 2021 at 17 years old.

“401 (feat. Iso)” is 9Balaclava's first release since his last EP 'Penumbra', and it is the first look at his upcoming album. The title '401' is in reference to the infamous 401 Highway in Canada, well known for being the Highway to Toronto.

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: 401 (feat. Iso)

401 is a very catchy and chill single produced, recorded, and mixed by 9Balaclava, and not only is it the first single for his next album, but it is also the first time 9Balaclava has a feature in his discography, brought by fellow Ontario artist Iso.


9Balaclava works best on Chill hip-hop, Rap in English, Trap Chill, Experimental, Good vibes, Groovy, Indie, Melodic, Psych, Relax, Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project, Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/9balaclava/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3ESTo1vOeaaHQfZiuvzcFR?si=oD5R9j1gQu6RDOj3YGmKsQ&dl_branch=1


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Just listen to this artist 9Balaclava with the title 401 (feat. Iso) and you will appreciate this young artist. Will share the album for others to make comments.

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