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ASM means (A State of Mind) based in France. It’s the international hip hop collective consisting of Green T, FP, and Rhino is launching a new project in collaboration with CMR (Chinese Man Records) called "Ōrigin & Juice" to combine their love for music, food, and natural wine. 

The project comes in the form of a series of 6 videos and singles, in which each episode explores a different country to celebrate its natural winemakers, culinary traditions, and musical history reinterpreted in ASM's unique ultra-lyrical boom-bap style.

The result of the series will be the release of an EP on 15/04 containing the 6 tracks in digital format.




This project was divided into 6 singles / 6 countries / 6 domains:

- Italy: 22/10/2021 - Vineyard / Estate: Costadila

- Czech Republic: 19/11/2021 - Vineyard / Estate: Milan Nestarec

- Spain: 17/12/2021 - Vineyard / Estate: Partida Creus

- Greece: 01/28/2022 - Vineyard / Estate: Ktima Ligas

- Germany: 02/25/2022 - Vineyard / Estate: Brand Bros

- France: 03/25/2022 - Vineyard / Estate: Mosse


 ASM now has 3 critically acclaimed albums and more than 600 concerts in 25 different countries to their credit, ASM (A State of Mind) establishes itself as one of the preeminent Hip-Hop groups in Europe today. Their unique brand of sophisticated and expressive boom-bap fusion continues to serve as a refreshing reminder that Hip-Hop can be fun, artistically ambitious, and smart.


Composed of MC's Green and FP and DJ/producer Fade alias Rhino, the international trio from a high school friendship (a Canadian, a German, and an Englishman) returns with this new ambitious project called "Ōrigin & Juice".


Contact: promo@chinesemanrecords.com


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: ASM loves music, food, and natural wine. The video presentation in the song is captivating. All works are in French. Did not provide Instagram or Spotify links. Will share their music on our site.


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