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About Bantunani: A Writer, composer, singer and producer, Bantunani will publish his 13th solo album on May 20, 2022 on BLACKNINJA PUBLISHING, in CD, vinyl and digital versions. Recorded between Paris, Nice, Orléans, London and Los Angeles, Bantunani has surrounded himself with some great mixers, hitmakers like TJ Routon (Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj), Sam Wheat (Amy Winehouse, John Legend) alongside of his faithful Sefi Carmel and James Auwarter to whom he owes his hit Sunday Can wait.

Inside the song: The two titles Next Generation and The Reality deliver a first glimpse of the next opus which should contain 10 original compositions. Faithful to its matrix of dancing and thoughtful music, Bantunani does not concede anything to the groove or the pen, we bathe in an atmosphere modern between electro-disco and West Coast beat with some trap revivals.

Influences like the sounds of the collaborations are heard, the productions are dancing and gripping thanks to melodies carried by the voice of a Bantunani who finally dares to challenge the ubiquitous basses and other percussions which remind us that Bantu fusion is also African.


If Next Generation has all the makings of the first single from an album with its pop, colorful Electro disco finery, its futuristic energy, its catchy chorus that we like to hum, the choirs that give it the air of a trans-generational anthem, it also takes a moving look at the future with the participation of the artist's children (instruments, featuring and choirs), an inspiring illustration of artistic filiation. A youth who, as the clip shows, triumphs through joy, dance, and song so far from all stigmatizing shackles. What world for tomorrow? another life is possible as committed by the song "You got to bring the change for the next generation".

The time for great illusions is over, reality is indeed there, and with it, the sad truth about the nature of man: a being made of violence, a monster. Music cannot, therefore, replace reality, the artist must engage, speak up and break with this narcissistic and selfish drift woven into the web of social networks. The musician cannot use arms, he uses words and poetry to defend the common dream of humanity, that of freedom, all the more effective when it is
associated with a dancing groove.

Anger is there, it is difficult to sing joy, to carry a lyrical and hovering voice.
His music, therefore, frees itself from codes, accompanied by raw and suffering voices on productions that exploit improbable universes: dancehall, reggae, trap intersect with ever more funky and disco-pop.

Bantunani invites dub culture into his afro-funk as if to better hammer the weight of words with the assumed use of echo and delay on vocals. Reality and Next Generation carry a serious message that the world needs to hear. We will have understood it from the first notes, Bantunani lays down a groove with a modern beat which reveals his Afropolitan nature better than ever, we can all dance and hum together to the same melodies when these come from the soul, even from the Cosmogony, an ancestral force that orders everything when you want to hear beyond the material. Another life is possible; another
A fairer world is possible.


The groove trotter offers more than a journey, a music of fusions, encounters, and collaborations mixing people and universes. In Francofolie, the artist regretfully evokes France's missed opportunity with its French-speaking world, far from a desire for communion around language and culture which has gradually given way to economic issues.

In this roots-inspired reggae, we hear "je t'aime, moi non plus" symbol of a deep misunderstanding between a happy and humanist Francophonie and the reality of an ambiguous French policy.

Francofolie alone cannot sum up the spirit of an album in which the shadow of Paris and French culture hovers. Bantunani is a Parisian, a man of the night, sensitive to the charms of cabarets as the realistic song 'Pigalle Swing' says, which rehabilitates the unforgettable forgotten “Fréhel and its title “Mes Amants”.

Bantunani announces its big comeback, a Cosmogonic comeback with 3 new singles
including the highly anticipated title Next Generation which is already experiencing a certain radio thrill even though the official release is scheduled for on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Bantunani works best on Chill out, Electro swing, Funk, Soul.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ctGzhgXv88AlDh5rPylcO?si=8p1SE-llQkSyUJGAI_xqow


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Bantunani is an experienced artist with quality music. Will share it on our site.

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