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BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT, a project centered around one-of-a-kind musical instrument from glass and led by Czech – LA artist Lenka Morávková, is releasing the new single EVAPORA on Friday, March 11, 2022. Single will be supported by a performance video shot by drones at the architectural gem in the snowy Czech mountains, the Ještěd peak. The new single is a collaboration with an acknowledged female movie composer Drum & Lace from Los Angeles (Dickinson, Good Girls, Night Teeth, Deadly Illusions).

Both female composers and producers, Lenka Morávková and Sofia Hultquist (Drum & Lace), know each other from the Los Angeles music scene. There, after taking a leave of absence on her doctoral studies, Lenka obtained an exclusive 01 visa for exceptional artists and began to devote herself fully to the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT project.


Like many other live musicians, Covid turned her life upside down. She had to move back to the Czech Republic, left her apartment in Prague and temporarily took a refuge in her hometown in the glassmaking region of Jablonec, from where she continued to work on her music. An unexpectedly long period of isolation and desire to reconnect with other musicians crystallized into this unique collaboration.

"The original idea and the main string motif of 'Evapora' emerged from the impression that so much of what we've been experiencing and feeling in these times is so intangible, and yet all around us," explains Drum & Lace.

"I have been thinking about the combination of BCI and strings for a long time and in this track, that dream came true," adds Lenka Morávková. "The composition developed quite unexpectedly and organically under my hands from a single viola motif that Sofia left in her composer drawer, and I fell in love with it at first sight.

In the end, this string motif frames the arch of the whole composition. I also hope its airy, bright vibe can bring some relief to the current hard times we are experiencing ” frames it the author. The main role is still clearly played by the dominant, yet fragile-sounding crystal instrument, which unfolds a hypnotic, elusive emotional mood in repetitive motifs, further accentuated by a pulsating Polybrute synthesizer and rhythmically underlined by a soft techno beat.

The result is an evocative, cinematic composition meandering between orchestral ambient and minimal techno, where one motif flows into another very much like swirling ocean currents, which also emerges in the lyrics.

"My intention is not to tell a story with my voice. To me, the lyrics serve here more as an eco-utopian mantra, in which two topics came together in a few words: my recent debates about ocean gyres swirling tons of micro-plastics with my US doctorate friend, a micro-plastics researcher, and a combination of hope and pain inspired by the Polish artist Kasia Molga.

In Molga's project How To Make An Ocean presented at this year's Ars Electronica festival she lets new, living worlds grow out of her own tears, which is a beautiful metaphor to me, bringing hope in these days, "Lenka reveals the background of EVAPORA.

A video for EVAPORA shot by drones on the architectural gem of Ještěd in the snowy mountains of the northern Czech Republic follows up the release. It was premiered on Monday, March 14 on Lidovky.cz, Czech major national news outlet. Also, to complete this icy magic, you can enjoy a very special sonic filter EVAPORA on Instagram and Facebook.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bohemiancristalinstrument/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4NiOXEGaxyfQYMeBxZUhyJ?si=4haxadpsRzu3Nb4JI50IAw

OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Bohemian Cristal Instrument created a fascinating sound from intricately formed glass. The video environment is also captivating. Will share it on our site.


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