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Eunice Keitan's soulful melodious voice is entrancing. Her international upbringing and her eclectic musical background are unmistakable in this Canadian singer-songwriter's work, which tastefully blends Alternative R&B/Soul and World Folk influences.

While traveling and moving often with her family in simple circumstances throughout her childhood, Eunice noticed the often harsh realities of everyday people. The observance of these struggles uncovered her awareness of the effectuating force of political and social issues on people's lives.

Eunice Keitan’s "Smoke and mirrors" is an alternative, soul track with strong bass and drum grooves.

These issues surface as themes in many of her songs, where she explores mental health, equality, and social change. Eunice was nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award for her EP, “Where The Road Begins” and is set to release her new single “Smoke And Mirrors” on March 4th.


Both the music production and the music video reflect the edgy, retro sound and its overall message, which is an exploration of how media shapes our reality/social consciousness and how we can push back against the polarization and division that keeps us from having meaningful discussions.

While it is not a world-fusion project, this is the second song from my new EP supported by the Toronto Arts Council that reimagines Southeast Asian traditional instruments in a neo-soul context.

It features a unique vocal arrangement inspired by gamelans and gongs from my Southeast Asian heritage as well as the kulintang and bansuri flute.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eunicekeitan/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/18JNzHrZSTRipGMO4JMXhD?si=xx19LQ7TSAChQhHw_8e-cw


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Eunice Keitan produced this song “Smoke and mirrors” which features a soul track with strong bass and drum mixed. Will share his song on our site for others to make comments.

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