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FROSTisRAD has emerged onto the music scene recently and has been making waves. His releases have been effortless, and he blends tunes from different genres. His fans have called his music revolutionary, but he says he is only finding his feet. “Mclovin/ the ugly one,” which is his recent single showed the world that FROSTisRAD had what it takes to excel in the music industry. He’s young, vibrant, and a massive influence on those on his social media. 

Nowadays, it’s very rare to come across artists who pack worthy content and have a plan to change the game. Talents like FROSTisRAD have an inborn capacity to unite people by intentionally fusing soul-searching themes that many find familiar in his music. FROSTisRAD’s devotion to his faith, family, and work ethic have been a staple in growing his audience–and the fact that he never expects much in return is a virtue many recognize. Look for FROSTisRAD to become a name in the industry before you know it and stay up to date with his release, so you don’t miss out on any future news.  


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