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JASMINEGOLD is a United States-based artist with the ability to combine old-school Hip Hop with elements of Future Alternative to create a unique sound. They have managed to get over 100,000 views already for their latest single "Conscious" on TikTok. 

They have just been signed to AWAL. The beat is very Kanye-inspired with a touch of BROCKHAMPTON. The flows are reminiscent to Tyler the Creator / Baby Keem, While still managing to sound new and fresh.

JASMINEGOLD consists of members "David Nights" and "Kj". The track was
produced by David Nights. The music video was directed in collaboration with
Calvin Pappas.

“We move on and forget things very quickly and right now If something is not different while still being well made it’s not going to stick. This is the music we want to be influential" - David Nights.

JASMINEGOLD works best on Hip-hop Authentic, Catchy, Creative, Available on Spotify, Supported artist, Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidnights_/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3owYsRQyCfTQeMEH7vF00I?si=CAMVTarKSMm37brqXan0DQ


OnTheSceneNY Feedback:  JASMINEGOLD’s song is a piece of nice Hip-hop music for the young mind. He teams up with other talented artists to collaborate on things. Will share his works on our site.

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