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K Tr3y is a brand new hip-hop / R&B artist from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Although he is a relatively new artist, he takes pride in his ability to create several styles of hip hop and even pop music. While creating gritty music for the streets, his ability to bend melodies to his shape makes his musical style easier to digest for the general public.

Whether you're looking for punchy rap anthems that illustrate street life and the luxury that comes with it, or pop records more suited to radio, K Tr3y manages to play both ways without sacrificing the quality of the music.

Hip Hop is a genre that which fans love to hear an artist be unapologetic in their approach. That cocky energy to the music resonates, while they sell themselves as stars, and you buy into their major talent. That approach always makes for an exciting listen, and excitement is what K Tr3y brings for every single second on his new song “Departed” off his new project.

This is his third release this year. While my other songs are more of a rap/sing this song showcases more of the singing side. Very different from my first two songs, while not sacrificing cadence or lyrical ability.

K Tr3y works best on Hip-hop, Rap in English, R&B, Trap Authentic, Catchy, Creative, Good vibes, Mainstream, Melodic, Provocative, Surprising, Available on Spotify, Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Ktr3y/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4VNGgsYzXlRqVQY6Ox3Hh8?si=gYdsGSTDTqiDv7HW8a2SUg


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: K Tr3y is a relatively new artist but a hardworking person. He has produced three albums this year. Although he has not been able to provide all files required. Will share them on our site.

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