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Michael Gearheart is a Good electronic jazz expert and a former reclusive multi-media artist based in the United States. He has made a recent batch of releases.

He began searching for audience connection via Patreon. He has been releasing poems, prose, photographs, and demos, which will be released weekly.

On one of his albums Nostalgia, he wanted to play with the idea of turning one’s back on the present for the sake of revisiting the past. Nostalgia is a storybook, but the images are the combined impact of the song titles and the audio collage.

Eventually, though, the story ends, and its end—and is a peaceful one.
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He is a proud, five-years-sober-from-alcohol, LGBTQ+ person. Earlier, he began making experimental spoken words after a trauma he experienced four years ago.


Soon, his spoken word transformed into an audio collage, which he made using Soundtrap. Less moved by self-soothing and he is committed to developing a fully realized world of audio-visuals for people to stumble upon and connect with.

Michael Gearheart works best on Alternative rock, Ambient, Beats, Chill-out, Dance music, Dream pop, Electro-pop, Experimental electronic, Experimental jazz, Film music, Instrumental, Minimal, Neoclassical, Psychedelic pop, Psychedelic rock, Shoegaze, Synthwave Contemporary, Eclectic, Experimental, Dreamy, Positive, Psych, Available on Spotify.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1cNWzOwwayMK6awpg2kt3Y


 OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Michael Gearheart is a Good electronic jazz expert. You need to listen to his song to be able to know the reason for the song. Michael should focus on specific things clearly. Will share his music on our site for others to make comments.

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