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Following two critically acclaimed songs, this is MODEO's new single! "Living Free" is a dance-pop song with synthwave influences. It is clear that MODEO is continuing its rise...

As a reminder, MODEO's second song ("A New Day" BIP/UNIVERSAL), stayed in the top 15 in iTunes's Belgian dance music rankings for almost four months. The first two songs were favorites among music professionals, reaching the top of several DJ charts, such as "l'Extraclub" (2nd), "Hit des clubs" (28th), "DJ Buzz" (8th), etc.


MODEO also received support from big names like Mathieu Koss, Superfunk, etc. DJ Mag, the magazine, described MODEO as "a musical concept that should be watched closely."


MODEO has been played on more than 200 radios and internet radios. Two remixes also received acclaim from the music community: "Summer Life" by REGI and "SSID" by Lester Wil[1]liams, released by CNR Records – Mostiko.


Through "Living Free," MODEO is also pursuing a new, visual venture because he is also a concept in his own right, a concept in which this hidden character shares about his daily life through social media. Behind this project hides a versatile figure: a journalist, musician, TV host, and former radio host. He has surrounded himself with a solid team of musicians and singers and a production team. They have collaborated with several famous artists.

MODEO works best on Dance music, Deep house.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modeo_music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4cVZ93lrLWk1xgCGhMEYZh?si=QXg6pUjQSHOeS9aW1v-GtQ


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Good pop song from this artist. Will share his song on our site.

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