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Quay Global is an artist and producer based in the United States. He is Hip-hop/Rap and Reggae specialty in the music industry.

Honestly, people are always looking for new great music to get into, and even more, music that they can feel. That music that you can feel the artist’s presence in, as well as relatable substance in the writing to make it connect with you in a major way, as well as last the times. That type of music is what you get from Quay Global on the new song “See More”.

 Quay Global works best on Hip-hop, Rap in English, Reggae Catchy, Creative, Good vibes, Intense, Melodic, Dreamy, Positive, Romantic


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1quayglobal/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BCIPiyu5Bdb8ZYfvNU4qO?si=tctLprJMQJK3egrxtUDC8Q


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: The artist was unable to provide all files requested. His song is good to listen to and will share it on our site for others to make meaningful comments.

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