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Recess Villains is a Los-Angeles based hip hop group formed by "goth-pop" artist Swim and rapper Juice Judah. Born in Philadelphia, Swim is Co-Creative Director of the art-wear collective Acrylic Matter.

He's been interviewed by tastemakers such as Shoutout LA and Recording Artists Guild who hailed his music as, "breaking boundaries”.  As Music Link Up put it, "he [Swim] has created a genre-bending style that he describes as 'Goth Pop' or 'songs for the dope and hopeless”.


The other half of Recess Villians, Juice Judah has likewise been interviewed on podcasts and publications such as Voyage LA where he discussed candidly everything he has dealt with since moving to Los Angeles from High Point, North Carolina, from street life to fatherhood.

The duo has a forthcoming EP entitled ‘Three Peat’ expected to be released Spring of 2022, as well as their first self-titled album ‘Recess Villains’ expected to be released in the Winter of 2022. In the midst of the catastrophe that was the Summer of 2021, Recess Villains was formed.


The Los-Angeles based hip hop group consists of goth-pop artist Swim from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and rapper Juice Judah from High Point, North Carolina.

The duo released their first single Britney Spears in 2021. While their first single touts their international pop star aspirations, their second single Ciao Bellaconfirms it.

in Cervia during the duo's first trip to Italy, “Ciao Bellais a trap rock song with glitch core and rage rap undertones. To produce the track, the duo teamed up with Italian artist Zo Vivaldi, an acclaimed Italian songwriter who has written for prominent Italian artists such as Fedez and Dark Polo Gang.

Vivaldi grew up between Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Cervia and currently resides in Milan. After recording the single, the trio went to Milan to shoot the music video for it with Italian Director Davide Papadia.

track was co-produced by AMACWTHASAUCE, mixed by Vivaldi and the bourgeoning Italian Soul/R&B artist Moonet, and mastered by Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, and engineer Rob Kleiner.

Ciao Bellasynthesizes the rage of missed opportunity, with the fierceness of an urgent hustle, and smooth pop melodies into a blend and energy that is distinctly Recess Villains.

Recess Villains works best on Authentic, Creative, Intense, Available on Spotify, Young talents


 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamswim_/?hl=en

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6tHUFZx2oaJVtAvZjenW2G?si=EgMCkM9pR0WfGH7_V7UtpQ


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