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Toxiq is an artist and French sensitive electro duet, Toxiq is the name chosen by two musicians and long-time friends. Claire Deligny, the chick from the cheeky pop band Matchbox, and Yul, a percussive and subtle producer. 

In 2019, Yul is scheduled live for the 1st festival of the Parisian collective Otto10 where Claire was to come and sing her song "Drogue Dure Drogue Douce" on brand new instrumentation. 

The festival was canceled but Otto10 reschedules Yul in 2019 at Dehors Brut and now Claire sings on 3 tracks. The event is canceled to administrative closure following an overdose! They persevered as Toxiq, prolonging their cooperation in the studio.

This collaboration was born under the sign of distance, physical and temporal. One thing led to another, after a pandemic and at the start of the war, Toxiq's 1st EP "Dans La Bouche" got released on Résiste records on March 11, 2022.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Dans la bouche

Toxiq Group Members:

After playing and singing with her band Les Matchboxx, Claire Deligny performed her own songs for a few years. Ahead of her time, she wrote them remotely with Manuel Roland, a Belgian award-winning composer, him emailing her the backing tracks and her recording her lyrics on them. 10 years later, she found old unused tracks on her computer and wrote 2 songs about her then-current love story. She tried to revive the project but two of her friends and producers, including the composer himself politely declined the offer. She simultaneously got dumped, and, as she was at the end of her rope, her dear old friend Yul told her that he was going to perform in a huge electro party and invited her to join in.

Ulrich Vantillard aka Yul is is a virtually hyperactive artist. As composer and sound designer for TV, films, radio fictions and installations, he has also worked in theater productions and had a DJ activity when the time allowed. Since 2016, Yul released 2 Ep, 3 singles, several remixes and some video clips, always noticed by the specialized média. His label Résiste records wich was initiated (again) with Baz this summer, offers an ambitious range of musical productions. Now, Yul explores new territories with Toxiq, his French sensitive electro duet who released his first Ep on March 12, 2021, obviously on Résiste records.

Manuel Roland is a Belgian composer, lyricist, sound engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has composed for many feature films, short films (no less than 6 in 2020!) and documentaries. He was awarded the 2017 Magritte Prize for best original music for the film “Parasol” by Valéry Rosier. He is currently saxophonist in the Orchester du Belgistan and guitarist in the pop group One Nine Two Nine. He has played in the groups Applause, Orange Kazoo and collaborated with Matthieu Chédid, Jeanne Added, Mélanie De Biasio, Matthieu Boogaerts, Ivan Tirtiaux, and many other musicians in various genres. He is the composer of Drogue Dure Drogue Douce, Dans la bouche et C'est sûr.

Xavier Thiry is a multi-instrumentalist. He has produced records for french artists (Fishbach, La Féline) and composes for video games, cinema and television. He also published his own music, with the name Hello Kurt. Formerly he was part of the duo Yubaba Smith & Fortune, published by Résiste. He plays bass parts this EP.

Sylvain Hellio, the other half of the late Yubaba Smith & Fortune, replayed the bass of their track Sugar Pills for Toxiq. Working for several years as a composer and sound designer for video games (several awards), audio stories or advertising, he will return to the front of the stage with his first solo EP to be released in 2022.

Emmanuel Babu aka Babu, ex-member of Buzinparis is a guitarist, songwriter and producer of jingle and sound design for TV series. But now, chance in action, 3 years ago Yul moved right in front of Babu's home and quickly they collaborated on their respective projects via the internet. It is undoubtedly fate and the telephone operators that will make him pose the guitars for Toxiq.

Cyrielle Sauvage is a talented and freelance art director/illustrator who has collaborated with Yul for many years, and who produced the cover for this EP.

Amélie Lengrand is an architect scenographer and visual artist. She lives and works in Paris. Her work explores the relationships between matter, color and space. Through a game of repetitions, superimpositions and accumulations, Amélie Lengrand uses the motif as a visual structure to organize and dress the space or the setting.One of her paintings from the Diluted series is to be seen on the cover of Drogue Dure Drogue Douce.

Louise Ternat graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Paris and works in animation cinema as a storyboarder. She is also a freelance illustrator, and made the cover for the song Idées noires. She is currently in artistic residency within the Ateliers Médicis.

Daisy Reillet is a photographer who plays in particular with the point of view, she has just published a book Passing the walls where she continues to explore the “Recto-Verso”. She produced the portraits of Toxiq as well as the shots for the music video for Idées noires.

Paul Ollivier aka Pol is a polyvalent artist (no pun intended) who easily manipulates visual arts, sound design and code to create stunning works such as his apps: LightWeaver and Trimaginator. He designed the Toxiq logo and the Résiste graphic line. He is also the man orchestra behind first Résiste compilation where he appears as a singer but also as an arranger, producer and composer. One could say he’s the central pole of arts, if no pun was intended.

Ludovic Benhamou is an artist of the electronic scene evolving DJ and producer under the pseudonym Block Device, he offers a resolutely psy-trance sound on dancefloors around the world and is part of one of the pioneer labels in this style: United Beats records. Passionate about digital audio and its technologies, he has been working with Yul for many years,, and he is mixing the Toxiq project in his studio at the gates of Paris;

Co-founder of Pix'n Grain, Eric Massua alternates sound creations and video installations, he mainly collaborates with the world of performing arts. His passion is projection on objects and interactive experiences with the public. At the same time he plays the trumpet and produces clips for the label Résiste, Pikimup, Alif Tree, Puppet Mastaz, Hugo Kant. A two-headed artist where music rhymes with image and vice versa. He did the image editing for the clip of Idées noires.

Also co-founder of Pix'n Grain, Jean-Philippe Nicolle aka Fif is a director, he takes advantage of his experience in animation / compositing at Folimage and Lardux Prod to mix animation and real images in his productions, clips, recordings. He has worked regularly with Résiste and produces the video lyrics for Toxiq.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toxiq_max/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/61icZ4vfzR4uZzcxmBcM7t


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: The Toxiq is a formidable group of artists. Their music and presentation are mature. Will share their musical works on our site.

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