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21CD is an artist and is a 21CD (21st Century Drummer) who creates music built on drum compositions. The new song “Never Get Weary” was re-imagined.

Truly, every artist has a certain intent when making music. Having a certain feel to it that lets it resonate for a certain point, but some artist’s music you hear and just through the care in the music, you know it was meant for something more. Made with a much bigger goal than just music that sounds good, but a true musical experience that pours into the listener to give them an experience beyond words. That’s the beauty of 21CD’s sound on this new song “Never Get Weary”.


This is an encouraging song for all to hear.

21CD works best on Chill out, Dance music, Dance pop, Experimental jazz, Jazz fusion, Instrumental, Modern jazz, Reggae.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1cZqa5iqMxy2shAKcEZjup?si=aL-z28PcQ5-Ok6q1AhY7rg


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