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Althea Black is an artist based in the United Kingdom. The track is about a woman coming to terms with love and insecurity. in a relationship and finding strength.

Music can resonate with the listener for many different reasons based on one’s preference, but a song you can feel is one that always shines through. Especially if that feeling brings something good. That magic to the sound that lets you vibe to the fullest and lets you forget about your problems for the duration of the music uplifts you like no other, and Althea Black brings that type of music on her new song “Im Trying”.


Althea Black works best on Afrobeat, Ambient, Chill out, Christian Music, Classical music, Dancehall / Reggaeton, Dance music, Dance pop, Deep house, Electronica, Film music, House music, International pop, Lofi bedroom, Modern jazz, Pop soul, R&B, Reggae, Singer songwriter, Soul, & Urban pop.

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