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Anna Cuomo is an artist and started her career in piano bars in the 80s and then she continued as a bandleader in the 90’s/00’s. In the 90s she has been twice a finalist at
Premio Recanati (Musicultura today).

 Anna Cuomo won the first prize with “La sete” in a regional contest in the ’90s. She has also been among the finalists at Premio Bianca D’Aponte 8th edition and her song is in the related compilation Sono un’isola 2012.

Vocalist of Fred Bongusto, Rosanna Fratello, Gigi D’Alessio, Alan Sorrenti, Gianni Nazzaro, she has worked on the ship cruises. She has collaborated with many musicians in their projects as a singer and songwriter in Italy, Switzerland, and Japan.

She has self-produced one CD of Neapolitan songs in a jazzy style (Naples Sweet Naples) and one CD of songs as a singer/songwriter (Vanilla). Anna Cuomo has been living in London for 8 years and in Rio De Janeiro. She has graduated as a comic actress at the Accademia del Comico di Milano, and she is currently studying as a drums player.

In her last CD, ‘Canto Continuo’ she has interpreted Luciano Cricelli’s songs, an Italo-Brazilian composer. She has also sung in duet with Fadi Nasr a song that won the first prize of Premio Acume 2021 with the song ‘Se ami me’. In February 2022 Anna looks after the English version of "Se poi mi dirà" titled "What if"

Today more than ever we need to color our days with music that transmits positivity and the singer Anna Cuomo with the song "What if has succeeded perfectly. He gave us a song that, from the first listen, confers a healing power capable of releasing harmony, immediacy, and calm. The words caress us in a sonic journey tinged with jazzy contours with the warm and elegant voice of Anna Cuomo and with the delicate and touching arrangement by Luciano Cricelli. The result? A sound made with simplicity and elegance, capable of transmitting strong emotions. Immediate and catchy, it evokes memories in us and makes us understand how important it is to live in the present and enjoy the little things.


"What if" is the English version of the song "Se poi mi dirà", contained in the EP "Canto continuo". The Italian version was written by the author Luciano Cricelli and performed by the singer Anna Cuomo, while the English version was written and performed by Anna Cuomo. This new version comes out of the Italian borders, offering a convincing international touch.

The central theme is love, in particular, "a first appointment” told by the singer in first
person. It makes us enter her universe, transmitting the emotions related to what will happen during the evening, and the feeling that it could be the beginning of something special. The singer whispers: "when a smile can lead you to heaven, my darling, but it takes two" ... it reaches us straight to the heart touching the strings of the imagination through sharp and clear images that it is able to evoke.

The song "What if" was released on March 21, and is available on all digital stores, Spotify, YouTube etc.

Anna Cuomo works best on Brazilian Music, Dream pop, Jazz fusion, Lo-fi bedroom Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Dreamy, Relax, Romantic, Sensual, Available on Spotify.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annacuomosinger/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1oE0zd2xvOkGvR2fsUoXrr?si=I8TEE-HgRWmpbrSRBrA6Vw


OnTheSceneNY Feedback: Anna Cuomo sang good music of love that is required these days of hatred. The song may mean different things to different people. Will share her works on our site.

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