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Carli Longoni is an artist based in Los Angeles, a composer, singer, actress, dancer, and social media influencer who was originally born and raised in Chaco, Argentina.

Carli Longoni developed her natural instincts toward music at a young age when she began playing the piano. Down the road, her fascination for the art of dancing and acting made her get involved in dance performances and acting classes, which sculpted her into the multi-talented artist she is today.

Carli Longoni adds, ”A few years ago she wanted to retake piano classes and she contacted a teacher that her friend recommended to her but he was a vocal coach so she tried the class anyway and he said she had an ability to sing so she decided to start practicing and then she would come up with these melodies and decided to learn producing so she began laying down the music she heard in her head and started writing to it and singing it”.

Carli Longoni carries the torch of fame into 2022 with her modern 50’s Pin-up sexy girl style as she revives the classic Petty, Mozart, and Evergreen historical pin-up era, with, of course, the magical touch of her own artistic essence, creating the perfect recipe for success. The single “U was released on April 5, 2022, alongside the video through Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves.

The song was composed by Carli Longoni and produced by Consul/Carli. It has a smooth modern Jazzy feel that Carli created all her own. The music video, directed by Carli herself and filmed by OG Rome, under Trevino Productions, is a breath of fresh air that shows the true natural artistic qualities that the star possesses. The singles’ plot/music unfolds as a love story based on the 50s pin-up era, where she realizes of her worth as a woman after being depreciated by her partner and chooses herself over him.” She wants her music to represent the rights of women and feminism, the breakthrough that all women had in society in the 50s.”


Carli Longoni is on a mission in pursuing her dreams of becoming an elite musician. As she is working on finishing her upcoming album and releasing this new single, she will also be promoting her music performing throughout various cities this summer. She also looks forward to owning her own recording studio and record label one day. She is a philanthropist at heart and is eager to work with a non-profit organization supporting and aiding animals in need.

Carli Longoni works best on Chill-out, International pop, Latin music, Lo-fi bedroom, Pop soul, Urban pop Chill, Engaged, Good vibes, Groovy, Indie, Dreamy, Positive, Romantic, Sensual, Simple, Available on Spotify, Early project, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carlilongonimusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0zqpOV3mwWdyqNoqQgT2aq?si=OLKIAx1JTVa4oZm4oRZYFw

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