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Etoile Marley is an Australian/French songwriter/ producer/ singer/ rapper/dancer artist based in the United Kingdom. She is a genre-bending artist and songwriter. Etoile Marley prides herself on breaking traditional stereotypes. Her evolution into musician from professional dancer and circus performer has allowed her to merge her talents into her music, artistry, and live performances. 

Etoile Marley has a commanding presence and witty stage banter that make for an eclectic entertainer who delivers sensual, husky vocals and punchy rap amidst an alternative, electro synth-pop soundscape.

Etoile Marley’s song title “Hunt” is the first single off my debut album which is based on the she-wolf. It is about the “hunt” for success and knowledge of self, delivered in a funky hip-hop track with disco undertones. It came out on 22nd March, received a radio play on the UK's BBC radio 3 counties and my hope is to now get it on Spotify playlists to continue reaching listeners. It would suit, playlists that have a laid-back positive vibe or that promote female rappers and bilingual artists. The song features a French pre-chorus showcasing my French heritage.

Etoile Marley embraces her Australian/French heritage in her music via French hooks and some cultural references to political and social issues.

Etoile Marley is a mother of two, and she endeavors to break the stigmas around being a performing artist and a mother who chooses to pursue an 'unconventional' path. Encouraging a more open-minded culture and championing minority groups.

Etoile Marley has always maintained a very active role in the production and writing of her music, combining self-produced, self-written tracks with co-written songs in collaboration with several producers.

It is often very difficult to define, her influences range from Portis’s head and M.I.A to Massive Attack, Spearhead, and Sade.

Etoile Marley works best on Chill-out, Dance music, Dance-pop, Electro-pop, Funk, Hip-hop, International pop, Pop soul, Rap in English, R&B, & Urban pop.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/etoilemarley/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0xs7UIqpAsyUgvYbrTux7S?si=4wjANMAuQN2EtFcy0RtGcQ

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