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Francesco Alampi is an artist of good standing and situated in Italy. He is a Composer, guitarist, and Teacher for a long time.

The full collection is a 37-minutes different story of three authors, including the guitarist-writer Francesco Alampi, with tunes in odd meters like Axolotl, Strange Reflection, In Walking Mind, wealthy in sumptuous and daring harmonies, then move on to the ballads of composer and doublebass-Paolo Ielo as when Tery Smile and Waiting For The Sun, riches of musical intimacy, and finally Lighthouse, a modal jazz song, with a refined and dreamy taste, composed and sung by the poignant and sharp voice of Jessica Grande.


The axolotl project was brought into the world during likely the most troublesome time of our last age, the world pandemic. The expectation of the venture was right from the beginning to express a solid feeling of melodic opportunity, set apart by a solid need to communicate our thoughts by mixing melodic impacts in an amicable and definitive manner. The melodies address what we were held back nothing: among sense and discernment.

The collection title's decision was in no way, shape, or form inadvertent, the Axolotl is viewed as a creature species at an incredibly high gamble of elimination in nature, because of different factors, for example, contamination and loss of its natural surroundings. The essential limit of this jeopardized species is to reestablish and recover itself, consequently, the task quickly invited "The Axolotl Project" as an image of melodic recognizable proof, specifically for jazz, epitomizing the experience of a developmental way melodic student of history.

The lineup is made out of Francesco Alampi (guitar/author), paolo ielo (twofold bass/writer), Jessica Grande (voice/arranger), and Andrea Militano (piano/rhodes), Matteo Scarcella (sax/woodwind).

All collection is upheld by the drumming of the drummer Emanuele Fuduli and encompassed by the harmonies of the musician Andrea Militano and the fragile and delicate sound of saxophonist Matteo Scarcella.


Francesco Alampi works best on Experimental jazz, Modern jazz Contemporary, Groovy, Mainstream, Original, Available on Spotify, Composer, Early task, Upcoming venture


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frank_alampi/

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