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Isaac Joy is an artist based in the United Kingdom. The love of his life endeared him to become a drummer and started making music. "Lights On" is a rap song with some Jazz infusion. He plays Saxophone/Guitar and sings/Rap.

Isaac Joy isn’t a name that you hear often, but you will hear it a lot more very soon. The song "Lights On" features a catchy hook and mellow tone that takes you to outer space from the very first bar. It has such a vibrant and playful tone that has been reaching listeners from coast to coast. Since the song was released, it has received enough streams and a ton of attention. Listen to it again.


Isaac Joy works best on Experimental jazz, Jazz fusion, Hip-hop, Indie folk, Instrumental, International rap, Modern jazz, Psychedelic rock, Rap in English, Singer-songwriter Authentic, Unique, Psych, Underground, Available on Spotify.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isaacjoy97/

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