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Jo2Plainp is an artist based in Geneva Switzerland. Jo2Plainp is of Franco-Swiss origin, born in 1985 in Geneva. Jo2Plainp, whose real name is Josselin Neeser, has been cultivating his love of hip-hop since the age of 15. Jo2Plainp is a veritable Lynx of hip-hop, Jo2Plainp enjoys experimenting with styles.

With Jo2Plainp, No matter the rhythm, the place, or the reasons that lead him to sing, he uses his pen as a lucky charm to counter evils. A unifying spirit, positive vibes, and social criticism are the keywords of his music. 

The magic in the music shines when it’s creative. When you hear the record and it embodies everything it is to hear a new song, with a fresh approach to the music that every element to the sound work in perfect harmony to make something, that stands out as you discover something fun to dive into. That creativity in music is what makes you have to come to an artist, as they bring a sound you can only get from them, and that’s what you get from Jo2Plainp on the new song “Positif”.

Jo2Plainp has gone more than 300 stages to his credit, his music has traveled from Switzerland to West Africa, via France and the Balkans. He has notably performed alongside artists such as Alpha Blondy, Davodka, Demi Portion, Lefa, Kacem Wapalek, the Négresses Vertes or I Woks, as well as in emblematic places such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Casino de Paris, the French Institute of Abidjan or the Francophonie Week in Kosovo and Albania.

He is an independent artist, author-performer. At the origin of the Label Eloge Record, he lives in his recording studio, designed by himself, in Plainpalais. We then understand better why it is called Jo2Plainp.

Jo2Plainp is trained as a sound engineer, he devotes part of his time to recording young artists at affordable prices, in order to offer them a chance to develop their art.

Jo2Plainp is a true activist, he also created the Open Mic “A Fleur de Plume” in 2017, in collaboration with the famous Geneva cultural venue Le Chat Noir, in the form of a contest to identify young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo2plainp/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7vWD8m6PtoNtnrbhGBnxkV

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