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Matteo (Chinese Man) is an artist, DJ, producer, co-founder, and member of the band, Chinese Man.

MATTEO divides his time between Hip-Hop, electro, France (Marseille and Paris mostly), South America, India, and Turkey. Sounds from the past and today's refreshing gem…, mixing all of his inspirations together in a balanced creative process.

Since the creation in 2018 of his first album, "Scaglia", as a solo artist, Matteo produces, composes, and works on different new projects with various and very diverse colors, tones, traditional instruments, and musical styles.

MIDNIGHT is a great example and sample of his universe. New productions are to be released this year. As well as working on music, Matteo is also a movie director, and producer, and he collaborates on film scores for feature films.

"Playa" is in between jazzy relaxation and sunny landscapes, Matteo & Bro revisit with lightness the jazz, which strongly tinted the sounds of the project. A breeze of a summer evening that invites you to vibrate along the beaches.

Matteo & Bro: For this project, Matteo surrounds himself with the guitarist Karim Addadi, the bassist Christophe Lincontang, the drummer Hugo Pollon and the saxophonist, flutist, and Duduk (Armenian flute) player Lamine Diagne.

A real desire to launch a project where the musicians are at the heart of the creative process grew as the meetings went on. Between electronic programming and composition, the demos take shape, the groove and the universe between soul, funk, trip-hop, and world music prolong the desire and the production of an album.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matteo.prod/?hl=fr

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BIstgCvSej0qux7NXoorb

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