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Nieri is the Milan-raised/LA-based artist imparting his remarkable image of pop to the world. Sustained by his European roots and enlivened by his life in LA, Nieri matches snappy tunes, punchy drums, simple synths, and individual verses to make reviving electronic pop that makes you dance as the night progressed.

Nieri's first single, "Wonderful Music" was a club song of praise committed to the power and opportunity of moving the night away.


On his new track, "Face", Nieri gets thoughtful over a faltering synth. "Face" is gleaming with an '80s propelled creation that reflects the melodious topics of the tune. Punching modern drums guide you through Nieri's brain. He's gone up against with the possibility of flawlessness and tracks down himself "got up to speed in the fever" of restorative techniques inseparable from the LA Lifestyle. However, there's a key mindfulness that transforms this track into a festival.

"'Face' is an inward discourse about needing to look awesome. With innumerable "perfect" channels via virtual entertainment, and the rising comfort of corrective strategies, the "best form of yourself" appears to out of nowhere be at the tip of our fingers...at the day's end our countenances are as yet an indication of the periods of our lives and will constantly mirror what's genuinely happening inside.

Face is a suggestion to cherish yourself simply how you are yet in addition approves the longing to turn into the best form of yourself outwardly as much as within. "Face is essential for Nieris' presentation EP, scheduled for the near future. Composed and recorded among LA and Stockholm, with maker Joakim Buddee, the EP will grandstand Nieri's flexibility as a musician and entertainer.

Nieri works best on Dance music, Dance-pop, Electro-pop, International pop, Nu-disco, Synth-pop, Synth-wave Catchy, Contemporary, Dancing, Good energies, Meaningful verses, Strong universe, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, On stage insight, International potential, Upcoming venture.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisnieri

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0208Hg5nvzWSEUaS24p5cz?si=mQYz586nSu6goO4S8X5VMw

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