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Sundri Feeling is a self-produced artist from Reunion Island! (French Territory), an outstanding composer, a voice that carries the soul in its most secret entrenchments...Sundri Feeling embodies the conscious possession of a destiny unsealed by the painful legacies of generations of women who preceded her.

The new album "Sundri" (2022) is a libertarian manifesto in honor of pioneering women, diva or anonymous, produced by the incredible bassist Mishko M'Ba (Ray Charles, Paco Sery, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Zazi).


Sundri Feeling remains animated by the quiet strength of this Universal Feminine Energy which colors the voice of Sundri, to make our souls travel. In French, English and Creole, the quartet touches the heart of a public open to this musical show, a subtle blend of world music, positive poetry, dance, sensuality, and more.

"Apel Amwin" means "Call me" in Creole. Through this Energizing and Subtle modern Jazz, hear the voice of the Universe singing for you.  A message of hope and joy is conveyed by the sweet voice of Sundri Feeling and these amazing musicians. This New Album is called "Sundri" (the singer's name) because it is designed to be her breakthrough.

The first album "Accords" (2014) was nominated in the United States by the International Acoustic Music Awards and Voices of the Indian Ocean, thus giving Sundri Feeling a regular presence on the jazz scene and in the media reunionese. For the album "Dancing souls" (2018) she collaborated with international bassist Sylvin Mark (Nina Simone, Chris Rea).

Bubbly QUARTET Pop Maloya World Jazz from Reunion Island Sundri grew up in France between a mixed-race family from all over the world, a bilingual school

English, and especially her father's discotheque, where she cultivated her natural gift for singing and dancing since childhood. She secretly dreamed of being a singer. His meeting in 2001 with the Creole singer Jim Fortuné opened the Reunion scene to her as a chorister and dancer. It was also the start of his passionate work around voice, writing and composition.

On stage, find the recognizable bass of Mishko M'Ba, the flights of pianist Jérôme Vaccari (direction of the Jazz Club Réunion), and the eclectic Frank Paco (Queen, Bono, Angelique Kidjo, Johnny Clegg) on ​​drums.

On the tour side, Seoul Music Week 2017 was the occasion for a first Asian tour, followed by a second in 2018. In 2019, Sundri Feeling is programmed on the Imbizo Festival in South Africa, Mundos in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and Mozambique Music Meeting.

With her new album called Sundri, she intends to pay tribute to the illustrious pioneers who inspired the momentum of her personal and artistic trajectory, starting of his island, his motherland. This is how Anne Mousse, the first woman born in Réunion,

Joséphine Baker but also the freed slave Tiana... divas or anonymous, these women all represent the strength of soul with which the artist was able to identify and which she seeks to transmit with his songs, true libertarian manifestos in favor of hope and healing love.

Vibrating in tune with the universe, honoring the beauty of femininity that is unique to it, are the recourses of “this mestizo, ambassador, curator of the protective aura”. Her source of energy never dries up. On the contrary, it is constantly renewed with each ordeals like a bubbling wave making its way through the obstacles of life.

Like a prodigal alchemist, it is in the sensitive crucible of her texts that she gracefully transforms the weight of silence. His uncertain genealogical ramifications then become desired tree structures and as a creative demiurge, it builds its own myth, narrates other possibilities on the swaying riffs of the bass of Mishko M'Ba, director of the Sundri album.

Pop-jazzy notes and sweet voice come to light up the dark side and rock emancipation where anchoring becomes movement and emptiness fullness.

Sundri Feeling works best on International pop, Modern jazz, Pop Soul, Reggae.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sundri_feeling/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4zedAtPmsB0I8vGMn4dFVs


OnTheSceneNY Feedback:  Sundri Feeling is fantastic on stage when you hear her songs. The album is called Apel Amwin which means "Call me" in Creole. Will share it on our site.


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