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Artur Tuznik is an artist and Polish piano player and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, active on the European scene for jazz and improvised music both as a bandleader and sideman. His recognizable musical voice is strongly influenced by the language of impressionism and folk music of his origins, while previously rooted in the tradition of modal-jazz and sound we know as Scandinavian jazz.

Artur Tuznik’s most recent trio recording (with Nils Davidsen and Jakob Høyer on bass and drums, respectively) introduced a unique sound and approach and garnered critical acclaim around the world. Polish National Radio called his compositions and the overall ambiance of the self-titled Artur Tuznik Trio album “a beautiful thing,” while the Danish Newspaper POLITIKEN referenced the “alluring calm and adventurous contemplation in his playing.”

Tuźnik has also received special recognition as a soloist and is the recipient of musicianship awards at festivals in Burghausen (DE), Leuven (BE), Getxo (ES), and
Wroclaw (PL).

Polish pianist and composer Artur Tuźnik (b. 1989) has been based in Copenhagen,
Denmark since 2008 and is one of only a few musicians to have studied at both the
“classical” (Royal Danish Academy of Music) and “jazz” (Rhythmic Music Conservatory)
schools in the Danish capital.

Artur Tuźnik’s fascination with both sprawling genres is evident in his virtuosic playing, but also in his compositions, which proudly merge his affinity for composers of the impressionism era including Ravel and Szymanowski with the folksy power and mystery of Charles Mingus.

While another of his projects dives headfirst into crossover-classical music (The Space Above - a piano/flute/drum trio with the same drummer heard on this new album), Tuźnik’s newest sextet release employs elements of Slavic folk melodies and Scandinavian jazz - some of which are hauntingly lullaby-like and others that meander with melancholic meaning.

The lineup of musicians that Artur Tuźnik selected for his sextet reads like a modern all-star band of Scandinavian-based players - American tenor saxophonist Ned Ferm, who has called Copenhagen home since 2001, and is known for his work with everyone from Roswell Rudd to Kurt Rosenwinkel; Norwegians Erik Kimestad on trumpet (a member of Kresten Osgood’s Quintet), and Simon Albertsen on drums (Espen Berg Trio, WAKO); Swedish trombonist Petter Hängsel (Danish Radio Big Band, Horse Orchestra); and the legendary Danish bassist Anders “AC” Christensen (Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop Band, Tomasz Stanko). Each of the soloists shines on this album that is thick with highlights.

The first four songs (Road to Nowhere, January, Spring, Tales From the Road) are all
interconnected and are based on unique harmonies and forms. Material from Road to
Nowhere and Spring are referenced in Tales From the Road - a solo piano piece that
functions as an overview for the first part of the musical journey.

SIDE B kicks off with the enchanting Lazy Song - a tenor saxophone feature that allows both Ferm and Tuźnik to soar on the moving minor mood. Christensen plays the band into the energetic, tidal rubato flow of Monday with a meditative bass solo, and the album goes to another new place on Water - a tune that follows the theme down a stream that develops into a babbling brook and later becomes roaring rapids. The album’s final selection, Monstera Deliciosa, is a return to the group’s “swing” mode - a sound and energy they explore with a confident and clear creative spirit heard all too rarely in modern music.

The Artur Tuźnik Sextet has officially arrived in 2022 with an album that reminds us of the interconnection of the composer’s influences and tunes that put his clear appreciation for nature, spiritualism, and musical beauty front and center.

The melodic, harmonic, and structural flow of the music whisks listeners away on a journey that’s engaging, entertaining, and peppered with provocative, natural tension and resolution. SPRING deserves to be heard multiple times to fully grasp its depth, and as the detailed layers of meaning unfold with each listening experience, audiences can look forward to understanding more about the Artur Tuźnik Sextet and its musical mission.

Artur Tuznik works best on Experimental jazz, Modern jazz Contemporary, Eclectic, Original, Available on Spotify, On stage experience, & International potential.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arturtuznik/



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