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Edén is an artist from Mexico and based in the United States. She is doing quite well as evidenced by her Instagram handle.

Ideally, Hip Hop & Pop world is forever growing and changing. So many different elements are being added to the steadily growing genre, there’s no shortage of music. One thing there is a shortage of is lyrical emcees. Emcees who can step up to the mic and really deliver words that stop you in your tracks, and make you rewind to catch everything. That’s everything you get on the new track from Edén called “psicopata”.


Edén’s song reflects the risk that women run (now much more in Mexico), for not recognizing in time the danger of not knowing the person they are dating, and trusting in their simple appearance of a good person.

Edén works best on Chill hip-hop, International pop, Latin music, Pop soul, Rap in English, Trap Authentic, Catchy, Chill, Creative, Dark, Eccentric, Good vibes, Unique, Original, Positive, Provocative, Sensual, Weird, Available on Spotify, International potential, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_eden.oficial/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5xdQGW8KwT23AAPxTC4jab?si=91e0a8f7160d4b5e

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